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The internet provides an enormous amount of information and resources useful for students, but unfortunately they are scattered all over the internet. On this page you will find a bundle of information and resources that you can use during your study, ranging from study tips to online survey tools.


Prepare for your first serious job. Philox pro helps you with knowing yourself. It also provides you with useful information, examples and templates for writing your CV and cover letter. On the interview page there are some very useful articles / tips that that will help you before and during a job interview!


On the work page you will find the best links to the European job market. Most sites provide jobs and information about all kinds of job related topics that will help you with getting the right job.


The travel page provides you with practical information on how to get at your destination and where to stay, even for those travelling on a shoestring budget. Whether you are visiting a country, moving there for a couple of months (to study, work or volunteer), or living there already, these pages will show you where to start to find the information you need.


Test yourself in all kinds of ways. This page provides personality tests, workplace tests, a ‘get organized’ test and links to some general tests ranging from IQ tests to a speed reader test.


We have called this new feature HR doctor because we want to create that kind of service for you, not literally of course! Sometimes a doctor can’t make an accurate diagnosis but the more experienced ones tend to see how things can be made better. So with our experience, Philox is looking to get you in a good state of health, in terms of preparing and succeeding in the job market.